The coding period is starting for Google Summer of Code 2014. I am pleased to list the 28 projects (7 more than last year!) that are mentored this year under the Mozilla banner.

The title of each project is linked to the location where the student will be posting weekly updates on their progress, if you want to follow along with a project you are interested in. I’m sure they would appreciate any help or advice you have :-) Please help them write useful code during the summer!

Project Title Student Mentor
MDN – Bug Fixing and Polishing Akshay Aurora David Walsh
Firefox OS Games Resources Andre Alves Garzia Soledad Penades
Development of both online as offline speech recognition to B2G and Firefox Andre Natal Guilherme Gonçalves
Porting key Meemoo modules to NoFlo Vilson Vieira Forrest Oliphant
Functional Test Suite and Features for QA Taskboard - One and Done Pankaj Malhotra Bob Silverberg
Implement Zest recorder and runner Sunny Gogoi Simon Bennetts
Improve font handling and text shaping in Servo Patryk Obara Patrick Walton
Add learning capability in the Gaia Keyboard prediction Sukant Garg Jan Jongboom
Browsercast Gabriel Ivanica Greg Wilson
Migrate from YUI2 to YUI3 . Bug 453268 Ishitva Goel Byron Jones
Implement Speech Synthesis on Desktop Firefox Yashasvi Girdhar Eitan
Add markdown support to Bugzilla Koosha Khajehmoogahi David Lawrence
Improved messaging functionality and interaction in the SMS app Kumar Rishav Gabriele Svelto
Update Lightning Invitations to Latest Specification Malintha Fernando Mohit Kanwal
Implement XMLHttpRequest in Servo Manish Goregaokar Josh Matthews
Instantbird: WebRTC Support Mayank Kumar BenediktP
Instantbird: Indexed Chat History and Infinite Conversation Scrollback Nihanth Subramanya aleth
Peer instruction on the Web Piotr Banaszkiewicz mhoye
Implementation of SVG Backend for PDF.js Pramodh KP yury
A Desktop Environment based on B2G Towfique Anam Fabrice Desré
Math virtual keyboard Raniere Silva Salva
Improve Calendar Backends Reid Anderson Philipp Kewisch
Kitherder, web application for the Security Mentorships program Renee Cheung Yvan Boily
FileLinks in IMs / File transfer Saurabh Anand clokep
Thunderbird - Make the unit test framework work with maildir mailbox format Suyash Agarwal R Kent James
Mozilla Intellego -- Terminology-driven automatic translation of web sites. Tharshan Muthulingam Jeff
Implement Electrolysis Support for Addon SDK Tomislav Jovanovic gozala
Mochitest Failure Investigator Vaibhav Agrawal joelmaher